Logtrust signs partnership agreement with Grillatech, to resell the solution in the UK market

MADRID, SPAIN-Wednesday, September 17, 2014 –Logtrust SL, a company specializing in providing Big Data solutions, enabling companies of any size to gain real-time business and operational intelligence, has announced a partnership agreement with Grillatech. As a result, Grillatech will distribute Logtrust to its customers in UK. Both companies have a common objective: to provide more value to their customers.

Logtrust, with its innovative platform, understood the market need for a pure cloud solution for log management and Big Data analytics, developing an on-demand, pay per use platform that, apart from being an exceptionally scalable log management solution covering aspects surrounding security such as monitoring, compliance and fraud prevention, also provides a ground-breaking tool for real-time Big Data analysis.

To continue its growth, Logtrust has signed this partnership agreement with Grillatech (UK), a specialist in Cyber-Security solutions that enable for controlled and secure organisational growth.

“We are very excited to partner with LogTrust. Their big-data platform is truly special and embodies the values of GrillaTech. Not only does it add to security posture but includes massive cost, efficiency and competitive advantage for clients. The ease of use, speed, flexibility and license model of the LogTrust platform allows small, medium and enterprise level organisations to realise the true benefits of big-data intelligence”  said Grillatech Managing Director Dave Stanley

LogTrust commented “We are pleased to announce this new partnership agreement with Grillatech. When combining Logtrust’s unique business model and technology with Grillatech’s position in the UK market, the result is the creation of excellent new business opportunities. We are sure that this venture will provide our customers going forward with the best solution for security and intelligence analysis”.

About Grillatech

GrillaTech offers a unique and original way to look at organisational needs. Works with innovative business enablement technologies that allows you to grow organisations in a secure manner whilst reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and differentiating business by giving you an advantage over the competition. Grillatech works with quality, respect, listening and focusing on customer, with transparency and integrity.

About Logtrust

Logtrust democratizes security and builds a reliable Cloud with its own Big Data solution that allows companies of any size to achieve advanced levels of security, correlation and analysis of real-time data in order to understand the behavior of its users, customers, systems and business.

Logtrust has taken the best of the cloud in terms of price and scalability to provide a solution that allows you to safely carry your logs to and from the cloud, without limitations regarding data sources, storage space, or geographic location.

Logtrust’s solution collects logs from any source (from infrastructure, networks, applications and enterprises) to create a safe information environment allowing customers to receive alerts, make correlations, queries and analysis of real-time intelligence, enabling them to address any security, compliance, monitoring or business analysis requirement in a single platform.