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Cyber Skills are in short supply and becoming increasingly important. The skills gap and skills misalignment is growing. See how Grillatech is working with our partners to develop individuals who are work ready with our unique Enablement Academy initiative. If you have what it takes then contact us. If we have what you need then contact our partners. 

Introducing next generation cyber-talent to the channel is necessary to support growing and successful technology companies. We understand that the technical demands on the business increase with sales and organisational growth. 

The Aditinet Academy is designed to support you and your channel partners through the growth and help you close the technical skills gap that exists. Our programs assist you and your partners with the shortage, using readily available funding, knowledge, ability and talent.

We offer a way for you to tailor your next technical hires to your needs whilst accelerating ROI, addressing the channel, and increasing your competitive advantage.


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