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“The skills gap is the biggest threat facing our industry right now”

Our Academy is a unique way of working. We know that the skills gap cannot be addressed by hiring from competitors so introducing next generation cyber-talent to the channel is necessary to support growing and successful technology companies. We understand that the technical demands on the business increase with sales and organisational growth. 

The Grillatech Academy is designed to support you and your channel partners through the growth and help you close the technical skills gap that exists. Our programs assist you and your partners with the shortage, using readily available funding, knowledge, ability and talent.

We offer a way for you to tailor your next technical hires to your needs whilst accelerating ROI, addressing the channel enablement demands, and increasing your competitive advantage. 

Skills Academy

We help with the soft skills and experience gaps with your current employees. A repeatable course with multiple intakes throughout the year, who work alongside the Academy delegates. Ideal for existing staff who can learn more. Contact us for details.

Managed Academy

We understand the corporate needs to hire the heads and keep on corporate payroll. We manage and maintain the individuals on secondment to achieve excellence through the tailored academy program. Speak to us now to learn more.

Technical Academy

We hire, manage, maintain and pay individuals and deliver a service where we take full responsibility for the headcount. We work under your guidance to deliver fully serviceable technical heads back to you and your channel. Contact us now. 

Technical Academy

The Technical Academy is a fully serviced development of technical staff for your business. We identify, employ and train technical staff to be business ready in the areas that you need. Our unique programme includes education, experience, mentoring, soft-skills, certification and company culture. 

We will provide them an environment, with management structure and peers and we can guide them through all aspects of development without them adding to your headcount. When the time comes they can join you or your partners as a ready-made member of staff with accelerated experience in the skills that YOU need. 


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  • Reward 100% 100%
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Your staff

Managed Academy

The Managed Academy is the ideal balance of staff and training. Individuals who are on your payroll but under our tutorage. Our experienced technical team can help them develop faster and we bring them into a wider group to gain vital experience on your behalf. 

If you are an employer looking to hire highly effective, independent and talented staff, why not let us help you to create them? Working with our Academy we will help you to find the staff you need, and make them the best. We commit to mentoring and developing on-site experience making staff valuable to your business. 



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Our tutor

Skills Academy

The Grillatech Skills Academy is set up so that employees can develop vital soft skills and transfer technical knowledge to commercial situations. We lead classes under the guidance and tuition of industry experts. We will train or retain technical and consultant staff in areas that compliment their skills and increase their value to your business. 

If you are an employer looking to develop your current staff into highly effective, independent and talented contributors to your business then, why not create them? Working with Skills Academy we will help you to make them the best. Messaging, presentation, self-development  – just some of the training at GrillaTech Academy.

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