We are asked this question a lot, so we thought we’d kick off our GrillaBlog posts with an introduction to our name and us.

GrillaTech has grown out of our vision of giving businesses a unique and original way to look at their Infosec and organisational needs. Focused on independent partnerships with vendors and channel partners, we enable our partners to offer educated and informed decision-making leading to reduced costs, increased efficiencies and an advantage over the competition. We want our partners not to have to buy technology to fix a problem, but to help them build a holistic solution avoiding the desperate pragmatist step of being forced to adopt a new technology ‘in an emergency’.
If any of this sounds familiar it’s because we have based our ethos on Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm”, and the technology adoption lifecycle. Change is difficult and many companies will stick with the status quo, or follow the pack. New tech should not be frightening and we have sought out some of the best technical consultants out there and can help our partners understand what it can REALLY do for their organisations.

The same can be said of adoption of new ways of thinking. Our independent attitude to working and ‘buy less, do more with what you have’ ethos confounds some customers and our peers alike. However, it is what is in the best interests of the customer that is paramount and a customer that sees value in what you give them remains loyal. Let’s think in terms of today’s challenges and not become entrenched in legacy ways of doing things.


Back to where the name comes from: Moore’s model charts a new technology as it become more widely adopted, a process he calls ‘the Tornado’. Once the technology has become successful and the pragmatists have bought in to the concept; the market leader that emerges from the Tornado is the Gorilla. The Gorilla is the beast that helps to cross the chasm by seeing the opportunity and embracing new technologies, whilst proving the value in mainstream business, truly ‘Crossing the Chasm’.

Oh and also the GrillaTech team are big fans of the apes, so GrillaTech it is.