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Initiatives, ideas and innovations

Grillatech are always innovating.

Usually our innovations fit exactly within our business and we seamlessly share initiatives to our partners, or develop initiatives with our partners.

Sometimes we see extra value in developing the initiatives further through GrillaLabs.

Discover the latest groundbreaking ideas and innovations from GrillaTech.

Marketing and Service Sales Automation (MaSSA). We believed that automating our work at Grillatech would lead to significant advances. We were right! Equally, stopping at Grillatech would mean limiting our audience and depriving our partners of significant industry advantages. So we created Mododuo, an independent platform and mobile application for services sales teams. It is already in use in the industry and growing fast. If you want to learn more then head over to


 Children’s books? They are a great idea but not core to our business. So we worked with Sandrijn Stead, CEO of our commercial partner Capametrix to develop them together. You can see more at

Books are available directly from Amazon using the links below, and more importantly, you can download free learning tools for children and adults. 

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