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Cyber Skills are in short supply and becoming increasingly important. The skills gap and skills misalignment is growing. 

Building a training programme is made easier with access to high-level technical experts who can deliver your course for you. Our certified trainers are available to augment your ATC offer across multiple technologies and in multiple languages.

GrillaTech is working with our distribution partners across all areas to deliver more courses seamlessly.  

Receive vendor based user training, and certificated training through GrillaTech and our channel partners.

Cyber-safety for children, teachers and parents. Learn the risks and be safe online though our books with Simply Serious Stories.

Vendor training

Our vendor training can take the form of simple skills transfer through to certified vendor training events at Authorised Training Centres.

We work with our vendor and partner community to provide international trainers to educate their channel and end-user community. This helps ensure more skills on the street to provide better protection and more certified skills that support product sales.

Working in multiple languages across multiple regions, we build training skills to support our partners and their vendors to ensure learners are trained to the highest standards.

Certified Vendor Training

GrillaTech provides leading global authorised training centres, and the World’s biggest and brightest technology vendors with fully certified accredited training instructors. Offering resources in multi-language, and multi-location, we ensure customers have the skills they need to succeed.

Skills Transfer

Our skills transfer packages can ensure that your team are up and running quickly with the foundation training they need. Covering the most important aspects of the product, our experts work with your team to ensure their day-to-day operational effectiveness.

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Our bootcamp training packages are designed to get larger groups up and running with the essential skills to ensure scalability, and day-to-day operational effectiveness. We get your team are up and running quickly with the foundation training they need.

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Our bespoke training packages can ensure that your team are fully trained based on your business needs. Offered remotely or onsite, we tailor the most important aspects of the product based on your environment. Our experts work with your team to devise the content in preparation for delivery.

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Cyber safe 3-17

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Cyber Safety for children, parents and teachers has never been more important.

Awareness of risks is a major step in reducing serious incidents and driving responsible and enjoyable use of internet and gaming technology.

We have partnered with Simply Serious Stories to bring a range of books teaching safe and secure messages for children aged 3-10.

We have partnered with Cyber Security Challenge UK and National Crime Agency to bring a range of presentations and interventions to encourage young adults into the cyber industry and to make good choices with safe and secure messages for young adults aged 11-17. 

Check out the highlights below or head over to our GrillaLabs page to learn more. 

Cyber Safe and Secure 11-17

Cyber Safety for young adults, parents and teachers has never been more important. 



Schools roadshow

Working with YHROCU (Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Organised Crime Unit) and ERSOU (Eastern Region Special Organisations Unit) to take the cyber message to schools. 

Finding out that less than 1 in 10 consider a career in cyber, security or computing. Rising to 8 in 10 after a lesson on opportunities and importance. 

Engaging young children and teachers to think differently about the future and their opportunities within it.  

Having fun too!!

National Crime Agency Intervention Days

Working with the National Crime Agency, UK Cyber Security Challenge, Local Regional Crime Units and national businesses to create a series of pilot workshops for young adults to improve decision making in cyber security. 

Ensuring that young adults are advised against a criminal future and informed about opportunities within cyber-security and general information technology in industry. . 

Engaging young adults and their parents to think differently about the future and their opportunities within it.  

Changing lives in the process!

University Discovery Days

Working with the UK Cyber Security Challenge, local and national businesses to inform students of careers in cyber-security and the cyber-industry. 

Highlighting the opportunities for careers and opportunities at all levels and identifying talent to progress with the UK Cyber Security Challenge through camps towards representation of the UK at European competition and ultimately employment. 

Engaging students of all ages to encourage their future in cyber and positively impact the skills gap.  

Having lots of fun in the process!

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